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As a leader in Fall Protection field we design,
manufacture and deliver solutions saving lives
and ensuring safety working at height.
Everyday our designers and installers
make work places secure.




FLAT is an anchorage points series protecting against falling from a heigt. Points are installend permanently and form fall protection system in accordance with EN795 and CEN/TS 16415 norms.
Usually mounted on flat and inclined roofs this anchorage point provides full safety for up to 3 users at the same time. Using FLAT posts requires personal protection equipment.


Safety line system is a set of devices connected together in which steel line is mounted to single anchorage points and allows safe movement in its length range. In most cases safety line systems are mounted horizontally to secure roofs, vertically in ladder safety systems and overhead safety line to secure working area e.g., in case of falling off cistern.


CRANER is a modern and simple solution that provides access to the facade and areas at a height using rope techniques. These are permanent systems that make servicing or cleaning the facade safe. The system sockets are permanently attached to the supporting structure of the facility and, together with the portable extension arm, constitute a system compliant with the EN795 standard - type B. The use of specialized assembly techniques allows for the production of sockets fixed to the attic or to the ceiling. The boom arm is rotatable, with a working range of 120 degrees, which significantly increases the range of the climber's access to the building facade and allows for a larger spacing of nests. The system is made of galvanized steel. The crane is placed in nests at a maximum distance of 350 cm. On special request, it is possible to make the system from a different material.




To solve every issue, we need individual and professional approach. For such situations we prepare tailored products based on each client specific expectations. We build constructions from black or stainless steel to ensure work safety e.g., over cisterns or wagons. Depending on the possibility we also design any kind of booms, arms and gantries protecting form falling or providing access with line system. Our constructions are characterized by simplicity, mobility and ease of use.


Montage of Fall Protection System define its quality and safe use. If you wonder, whether intallation company has appropriate qualifications you have come to the right place. We analize proper and correct montage methods. Our main guidlines are EN 795 and CEN/TS 16415 norms – they define specification, installed system requires in order to protect form falling from a height. Even before montage each manufacturing and installing company should provide mounting technique details. Only solutions done this way provide long-term use and life protection of the highest quality.


    Collective fall protection system proving safety on roof edges, but also around skylights and ladder exits. We distinguish few types of fall protection railin depending on the mounting method. Usually installed directly to the roof or attic but very popular option are freestanding railings with ballast.


    Vertical fall protection systems are used to secure movement on ladders. Special line or rail is mounted to the rungs and is equiped with trolley able to slow the fall. This solution guarantees complete safety during vertical movement and protects from harm caused by the fall.


Fall protection systems are installations on the roof proving safety to workers and preventing against falling from a height. It is a broad term referring to both permanent devices, mounted to the roof or other construction protecting working area and temporary systems that include anchoring points, safety line systems and personal protection used during erection of a building. Every system in fall protection field must abide European norms ensuring high quality and safety of use. Thanks to high manufacturing standards and experience in montage we give our clients guarantee of top-quality solutions in affordable prices. We secure vulnerable areas such as skylights and during facade works, A/C servicing, roof sheets assembly and erection of a building. Fall protection is a broad field that requires individual approach to planning and implementation.

Protectiong workers against falling from a height is the main job of our systems. Thanks to our cutting edge solutions and products made in accordance to restrictive EN 795 i CEN/TS16415 norms, workers can come home safely every day. Simultaneously, each investor should provide secure access to areas at height. Simplest way to achieve that is using fall protection systems on construction sites and while working over cisterns, wagons or buses. It is a responsibility of all building owners, general contractors and subcontractors. Necessary elements of fall protection equipment include: safety line, anchorage points and personal protection that is safety harness and security rope with shock absorber and carabiner.


Simple way to provide safety at height. We deliver expet service of fall protection, provide complex solutions for any industry, minimizing the risk of fall occurrence and creating safe work places. We manufacture and design systems, adivce in selection of appropriate means and solutions and finaly we provide montage and approval for use.


Possibilities of fall protecion systems are vast and depend on materials used and their scale. Cheap instalations are riskier and harder to use. Limited resources lead to reduced number and divercity of applied systems. We advise desingers and provide our solutions for given building’s or construction’s execution plan. Well designed fall protection system should ensure practical and comfortable use by service technician or alpinist. It is crucial for a work place to be secure in all areas.

Picking right fall protection system is done according to technical requirements and investor’s financial capacity. Shape of the roof determines individual elements used. Our company takes active part in designing appropriate solutions for work at height. We minimalize the risk of accidents and in consequence death or injury of workers.