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Protecting ladders in communication routes is more and more important aspect in OHS guidelines. Ladders are the most popular solution chosen by investors to access roofs, platforms or silos. We must notice that using ladders comes with great risk of a fall and in consequence death. That is why special caution is recommended and if possible montage and use of fall protection systems. Ladder safety systems are virtually fundamental nowadays in all brands from warehouses to chimneys and also residential construction. Learn about modern ABSORBER solutions that guarantee safety in all aspects.


Rail vertical fall protection system mounted to ladder rungs or side subconstruction

ABSORBER SECURAIL system is TYPE D anchor device allowing safe vertical movement. Main elements are rail mounted to ladders rungs and mobile trolley protecting from falling. System is designed to fit any ladder model either in the middle, on the side or on extra subconstruction.  Is has CE certificate and all required attestation.


Line vertical fall protection system for ladders.

ABSORBER SECULINE system is TYPE C anchor device allowing safe vertical movement mostly used on ladders. Consists of steel rope mounted permanently to the ladder and mobile trolley protecting from falling. System is designed to fit any ladder model either in the middle, on the side or on extra subconstruction. Is has CE certificate and is very easy to use.


Ladder integrated with rail vertical fall protection system.

RAILADER is both advanced and simple device that plays a role of ladder and fall protection system. TYPE D device allowing safe vertical movement. Based on steel or aluminum rail which supports ladder rungs. Special type C profile used in manufacturing allows putting rungs in dedicated holes. Railader is accordant with EN795 and EN353 norms and has CE certificate.



    One of main ladder fall protection rules is so called three places of support rule. On ladder user should always be supported with minimum two legs and one arm or one leg and two arms. Also leaning with your legs on last 3 rungs of ladder without additional reinforcement increases risk of falling. While moving on ladder your hand should be free, all tools and items need to be carried in a bag. Elements above are only one part of means to reduce risk of falling from a ladder. It is important to work in group of at least 2 people in dedicated work area.

    Supplementing or even elementary element can be training on work at heights and on ladders. Such training can be conducted by our company ABSORBER. We adjust individually to our clients needs. Our courses cover not only basics about fall protection and work at height, but also professional training in using fall protection systems. Users can gain required knowledge how to operate and move utilizing vertical safety lines and rails.


    Knowledge and main safety regulations usage can drastically lower risk of falling:

    1. Always check ladders condition before entering. Ladders technical condition is one of the most common causes of injury.
    2. Never climb a ladder under the influence of alcohol
    3. While climbing a ladder stay focused and do not rush
    4. Remember to have at least three support places.
    5. Use personal protection and fall protection systems
    6. Do not carry items in you hands during climbing
    7. Remember to work at a height in group of at least two.
    8. Keep area around the ladder clean.