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Fall arrest systems

Fall arrest systems on roof

The permanent fall protection system is intended for work at height on various roofs. It should be an inseparable element of the equipment of these surfaces. These protections are used to prevent people who work on roofs from falling from heights, e.g. snow removal, or the need to perform various repairs of devices located in these spaces, as well as to check their technical condition. The use of safety systems is a requirement due to health and safety regulations. People for whom the roof is their workplace should be able to protect themselves against unwanted health damage.

Safety at height

The company Absorber takes special care when designing permanent fall protection systems, adjusting them to specific standards. We provide design and construction of systems that are both safe and properly adapted to move within zones where there is a risk of falling from a height. When we get an order to plan the system, our priority is to carefully execute the project, which will ensure safety in the highest possible degree during work at height. Designers approach each project individually, which increases the quality of elimination of problems faced by our clients. We do this based on data obtained thanks to the courtesy of the companies commissioning us to design. All our projects are carried out on the basis of European norms, meeting the highest standards. The materials we use during assembly are of the highest quality, which makes our systems a leader on the Polish market.

Permanent fall protection system

We have many types of protection against falls from a height, including safety systems based on anchoring points, the so-called belay points, line and rail systems. When designing the above systems, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the roof structure, its sheathing and the location of places from which it is possible to get into its space. It is very important due to the variety of the considered objects. These parameters have a huge impact on the execution of the highest quality systems, due to the spacing of the anchor points. The materials that make up the roof layers are particularly important, because depending on them, the designed system will have a different spacing ensuring maximum effects in terms of safety. When planning the most efficient fall protection systems, our company also takes into account the distance from the edge of the roof, so that in the event of a fall the connected person is protected against impact. The basic principles of designing rope and post fall protection systems include:

  • Getting to know the roof sheathing to which the system is to be installed (e.g. is it a trapezoidal sheet with insulation or just the sheet itself). This has a huge impact when designing and installing these systems.
  • Location of ladders and access hatches to ensure a convenient and safe exit to the roof.
  • Determining the occurring slopes on the roof in order to properly adjust the location of the anchorage points (it has a huge impact in line systems due to the risk of abrasion of the safety rope on the roof bends).
  • Adjusting the spacing of anchoring points and their location (so as to avoid collisions with other elements on the roofs).
  • Designing an appropriate system that meets the highest standards.

Safety first

Our company approaches each client individually in order to meet the requirements that are set for us. Full professionalism allows for reliable execution of projects in accordance with the guidelines provided by the principals. Employees perform their duties reliably and very accurately in order to ensure maximum effects and high-quality security when using the systems we offer