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Anchorage point The importance of a proper anchoring point for personal protection equipment against falls from a height is undeniable. Before using said point, the user should determine whether the point has the appropriate location, stability and durability. Anchorage point durability An appropriate anchorage point should withstand the maximum braking force including a safety margin. […]

Fall protection on construction site Currently in Poland there are around 1.2 million construction workers. Most of them works at erection of buildings. This job is characterized by starting from foundation and going up, creating next segments. During the construction of the first floor our employees are already facing risk of a fall from a […]

Permanent fall protection Nowadays we observe huge increase in OHS standards across many industries. Such phenomenon is caused by regulations getting stricter and stricter constantly and higher awareness of employees and employers alike in life and health protection field. Thanks to this we notice lower and lower accident rates and many leading companies, be it […]

Rail fall protection system fits right in with the general trend of issues and solutions in OHS field, which develop dynamically. Both new technology and work on awareness of employers and employees alike contribute to increase the safety of a workplace. One of the topics that deserve particular attention is protection against fall from a […]

Rooftop fall protection Rooftop fall protection is a set of methods and devices reducing the risk of a fall from the roof. Works done on both flat and inclined roofs should be secured using anchorage points, safety ropes, fall protection systems using steel lines or rigid guideway in the form of a rail. Rooftop fall […]

Line fall protection belongs to the group of permanent systems protecting against fall from a height, which is characterized by firm fastening to load bearing structure of a building and is its integral part. It is assumed that its usage will be long-term, often comparable to exploitation of the building itself. Fall protection systems provide […]

Suspension trauma Falling from a height brings with it many dangers and consequences as a result of the incident that occurred. Increase in awareness of safety during work at a height is resulting in popularization of fall protection systems and also personal protection equipment. Person who correctly uses said system is secure as long as […]

Fall protection system You need to keep in mid that when speaking about work at a height we are talking about every work done above just 1m, that is every work where there is a risk of a fall from a height. Protecting people doing this kind of work which belongs to the most dangerous […]

Anchorage point fixed to the attic Fall protection systems are most often associated with a roof-mounted system. Often this requires fixing to sheet metal or reinforced concrete through isolation. Consequently, the isolation layer has to be pierced in order to anchor parts of the system. Although such posts can be sealed in a very easy […]

SLOPING ROOF FALL PROTECTION An inclined roof, otherwise known as a sloping roof, is a roof with a slope of more than 15 degrees. Such roofs are more difficult to protect against falls from a height than flat roofs. Therefore, fall protection on it is much more complicated- the very construction of the systems and […]

There are many ways to prevent falls from a height. Each roof or height has its own specification. We can have a flat roof covered with a trapezoidal sheet, an inclined roof with a rafter and full boarding, grain tanks, etc. Apart from the differences  in the materials, roofs differ in purpose and frequency of […]

The horizontal fall protection system is one of the many fall protection systems. All kinds of work performed at heights are classified as one of the most dangerous, which is why it is so important to protect employees against falling from a height, which may result in damage to health or even loss of life. […]

Roof guardrails Roof railings are systems that provide collective protection against the fall of people working at height. They are among the systems most commonly used due to the convenience of carrying out various types of construction and maintenance works, as well as service or assembly works on devices located on dangerous surfaces, e.g. roofs, […]

Work at height – a fall from a height and its consequences This type of work includes activities that will be performed at a height of more than 1.0 m above the ground or floor level. These are all types of work where, during their implementation, there is a risk of the employee falling from […]

Roof railing Absorber When performing work at heights, all kinds of systems designed to protect against falls from a height should be a necessary and, most importantly, indispensable element. The choice of a given fall protection system depends primarily on the requirements imposed by the provisions on Occupational Health and Safety, the type of surface […]

Fall arrest systems on roof The permanent fall protection system is intended for work at height on various roofs. It should be an inseparable element of the equipment of these surfaces. These protections are used to prevent people who work on roofs from falling from heights, e.g. snow removal, or the need to perform various […]

Ladders are used practically everywhere- on residential and service buildings, in factories and warehouses, or on cranes. By definition, a ladder is used for ascending or descending vertically, and this is always associated with the fact that there may be a fall from a height. Ladder fall protection Hazards on the ladder Even a fall […]

Fall protection of buldings and employee Employee security Everyone knows that construction is one of the most dangerous sectors of the economy. According to the statistics of the Central Statistical Office of Poland for 2018, the construction industry is in the infamous first place in the number of fatal accidents. The most common cause of […]

Fall protection assembly Working at height is more dangerous than working on the ground. We have an extra risk here- fall from a height. There are many risks when working on the roof. A worker who is involved in installation work or, for example, removing snow from the snow, may simply slip and fall from […]

How to prevent falling from a height – training Several times a year, events are organized in various parts of Poland to raise awareness about safety at work at height. Employees exposed to falls are trained what actions and protection against falls from a height to use to minimize the risk of an accident. Companies […]

Fall protection – necessity or needless luxury? Falls from heights, unfortunately, are still not uncommon in Poland, although in recent years there has been a significant rise in consciousness. The development of fall protection systems has also accelerated, many companies dealing with this have been established in Poland, thanks to which the fall protection systems […]

Work at height in a small area Horizontal fall protection systems (so-called lifelines) are ideal for industrial environments and places such as warehouses, steel mills and mines. Once attached to the fall protection system, users can safely work on a tall narrow ledge, a steep surface or other high area. Fall protection systems can be […]

Fall protection at the workplace Working at height is carried out in many places, sometimes workers will have to climb a machine in a factory or work on the sloping roof of an apartment building, or be on the roof of a warehouse to inspect and maintain other equipment. Each of these places is high […]

Zdarzenia związane z upadkiem z wysokości oraz wypadku przy pracy mają znaczący wpływ zarówno na osobę ulegającą wypadkowi jak i na całe otoczenie pracodawcy. Poszkodowany, który uległ wypadkowi doświadcza nie tylko szkodę fizyczną, ale również przechodzi traumę i może ponosić dodatkowe straty finansowe.