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Fall protection system

Fall protection system

You need to keep in mid that when speaking about work at a height we are talking about every work done above just 1m, that is every work where there is a risk of a fall from a height. Protecting people doing this kind of work which belongs to the most dangerous ones is a priority because a fall can cause serious damage or even cause death.

There are many ways to protect against fall from a height namely permanent fall protection systems, among others line or rail systems, guardrails or individual systems protecting against fall from a height. Permanent protection systems are best solution but are not always possible. That is why wherever there is no possibility to install permanent fall protection system for technical, organizational or economical reasons the perfect solution is to use means of individual protection.

There are many kinds of equipment defined as means of personal protection and independently from situation they are used in they must fulfill number of requirements, be tested and accordant to applicable standards. Systems involved directly with the means of personal protection can be divided into area restricting systems, systems stopping  a fall, positioning systems, rescue systems and rope access systems.

Fall protection system Absorber

One of the safest type of protection in which personal fall protection systems are used. In case of this kind of solution thanks to right length of the rope connecting waistband of the user to anchorage point the user is unable to reach zones where there is a danger of a fall from a height. Person using area restricting system should be equipped with safety harness. Maximum level of safety is provided only when system is used rationally and properly.

Restricted area or preventing fall

This one of many systems tasked primarily with preventing freefall during a fall. Second task is reducing the force affecting the falling user. Person using fall preventing system should be equipped with basic means of individual protection such as safety harness and self-braking or self-locking device. Depending on the work we should properly choose systems to current conditions. To elementary systems we include safety line systems and systems with self-braking devices. To horizontal line systems we include safety line systems and systems with self-locking devices, whereas vertical systems are using rigid guideway. Before using each system mentioned above we should conduct proper training in their use.

Fall protection obove work area

System positioning in work area are used mainly to specify proper position of employer during work at a height. This system is tasked with keeping user in safe position, preventing a fall.  That is why it is important to use some additional system in case our main one proves flawed or it fails. This way we are sure to provide maximum level of safety. Positioning systems has low range and therefore direct fall is impossible, just delicate movement off work area. This is a perfect solution to use in places where conditions are quite harsh e.g. on energy poles.

Fall protectino rescue systems

Rescue systems as the name suggests are used to rescue workers in case of life threat. Simply stated people at a height can safely evacuate from endangered places to safe zones. Rescue systems are used also as fall protection systems so they prevent freefall lowering forces affecting user. This system’s asset is also the ability to ascent and decent which is crucial during rescue missions. It is important that all users are properly trained because only this can guarantee 100% safety.

Access rope system

Rope access system usually is installed in hard-to-reach places. This system is done with safety rope support or suspension. It is essential that two ropes are used both of which should be connected to separate anchorage device. Only in such case systems meets all its requirements. Keeping this in mind with two ropes users are doubly secured. Despite one rope acting directly as fall protection system and the other is used to move freely both are connected to the user. Thanks to this solution fall from a height is frankly impossible.

Each system no matter if its permanent or individual must be accordant to relevant standards and legal regulations. Every user needs proper equipment and training because only with the right knowledge and skills we can be safe during work at a height.