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Hotizontal fall protection

The horizontal fall protection system is one of the many fall protection systems. All kinds of work performed at heights are classified as one of the most dangerous, which is why it is so important to protect employees against falling from a height, which may result in damage to health or even loss of life. It is even an obligation based on the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of February 6, 2003 on occupational health and safety during construction works (Journal of Laws No. 47, item 401). It should also be remembered that the health and life of another person should be a priority issue over all kinds of inconveniences.

The horizontal security system, as the name suggests, is designed for horizontal work, so the worker who moves in this way is fully protected while performing various types of activities at heights. These systems are used both on flat roofs, various types of loading platforms, crane tracks, as well as under ceilings or when loading cisterns. With their use, works such as snow removal from roofs, inspections and servicing of devices located there or their repair become very simple activities for users, and most importantly 100% safe.

Horizontal fall protection systems protect users at work stations and while moving along the system against falling from a height. There are many design solutions for this type of security, thanks to which it is possible to attach them to virtually all types of roofing as well as to structures located overhead or walls.

Horizontal lifeline

Our company offers rope fall protection systems in two variants. The first is an impassable rope system, while the second is a passable rope system. In both cases, the system consists of anchorage points attached to the roof and a safety rope. The user of the rope system must also be equipped with personal protection equipment, thanks to which he can securely fasten and use the system. These systems ensure safety when working on the edges of the roof and also allow free movement along the system. They are intended mainly for flat and slightly sloped roofs. In the case of impassable rope systems, the user is forced to switch between safety poles while moving. However, in the case of passable rope systems, this problem does not occur. Such systems are equipped with special trolleys, thanks to which it is possible to move along the system without the need for any user intervention. This variant belongs to the more expensive solution, but it is more efficient and practical to use. The employee does not have to reconnect to the system, which significantly increases his safety.

Horizontal rail fall protection

Rail safety systems are treated as interchangeable with rope systems. The main difference here is that the trolley moves along the structure of a rigid, appropriately profiled and permanently fixed rail. In the case of this system, the user also needs to be equipped with personal protection equipment, thanks to which he can securely attach to the trolley on the rail. The advantage of this system is the low flexibility of the rail, thanks to which these systems can be used to secure workplaces such as loading tanks, working on trucks or wagons. We also offer rails mounted to the walls, which facilitate the performance of various activities with their use. Our company designs and installs rail safety systems even in the most demanding places, thanks to the fact that they can be produced in various shapes. This allows the system to be adapted to the individual needs of people who want to have the above-described fall protection system.

Horizontal lifeline over work area

Suspended fall protection systems can be both rope and rail systems protecting against falls from a height. An important difference is the fact that such a system is mounted just above the user’s head. As in the case of the two previous ones, it is composed of a safety rail or rope, a safety trolley, personal protection equipment, but also a self-locking device. This system allows you to safely perform work on various types of platforms or tanker loading places. It is also used in places with limited accessibility, e.g. when working on various machines. Suspended safety systems, both using rope and rail, are most often mounted to ceilings and steel structures, but also to walls or roofs. Thanks to this solution, our company can adapt to the specific needs of the person ordering the system.

As you can see, the Absorber company has a full range of certified solutions for horizontal safety systems. It does not matter whether you choose a horizontal rope or suspended system, our company will make every effort at the design and execution stage to ensure that the selected system is as safe as possible and meets your and legal requirements.