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Protection against the fall

Work at height in a small area

Horizontal fall protection systems (so-called lifelines) are ideal for industrial environments and places such as warehouses, steel mills and mines. Once attached to the fall protection system, users can safely work on a tall narrow ledge, a steep surface or other high area. Fall protection systems can be attached to walls, ceilings and even to the floor.

ABSORBER company offers a wide range of solutions for people who want to install such systems in a steel structure or on concrete surfaces.

Fall protection systems

Falls from heights happen in many different places, sometimes people fall from the machines, sometimes from the roof, but each of these places is different, so a unique solution is required. To meet this need, we have created a system to prevent falls from a height in a mixed version, where various elements can be combined in such a way as to adapt the system to the place and needs of employees, so that you can move safely.

Due to the variety of places where there is a need for fall protection systems, we have mounting technologies for various types of surfaces.

What fall protection system?

Recommendations on where to install and which safety system should be installed vary depending on several factors. Such factors include:

– altitude drop

– material to which the system can be mounted

– legal standards / health and safety requirements

– number of users

For this reason, our experienced designers are able to adapt the system to often specific customer needs.