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Permanent fall protection

Permanent fall protection

Nowadays we observe huge increase in OHS standards across many industries. Such phenomenon is caused by regulations getting stricter and stricter constantly and higher awareness of employees and employers alike in life and health protection field. Thanks to this we notice lower and lower accident rates and many leading companies, be it construction, service or even industrial plants, both on domestic and European markets can brag about longer periods without accidents. Due to frequency and huge part of fatal cases protection against fall from a height deserves a particular attention. Many dynamically growing industries and companies struggles with such threats.

Permanent fall protection Absorber

New technologies accompany us all the time. They improve everyday life, create new possibilities of growth. They also found application in OHS field. ABSORBER – Fall Protection Systems producer met the need of providing safety against fall from a height. In their wide range of products, well-established are permanent fall protection systems. Most of you probably associate this term mainly with “life lines” mounted on the rooftops, but you need to remember that this kind of installation works perfectly in many other cases where there is a need of employee’s protection. Main trait of such products is permanent attach to object’s construction.

Where do permanent fall protection systems belong? Wherever there is a risk of a fall from a height. This statement is quite broad but it paints it clearly, just how versatile are these systems. For example hey find application:

  • On flat and inclined rooftops, which pose endangered zone
  • During exploitation and service of cisterns and truck semitrailers
  • During work around deep holes
  • In protecting movement along work platforms
  • In vertical passageways

Permanent fall protection systems – solutions

Construction of a fall protection system depends on its requirements and specification of its usage. Main criteria is its plane of action. We differentiate vertical and horizontal fall protection systems. Such categorization describes what kind of work is secured.

Fall protection for ladders

Vertical devices protecting against fall from a height serve to secure communication routes such as ladders. Their common trait is application of special guideway. It ensures constant protection on whole length and freedom of movement. There are rigid (rail) and flexible (steel rope) guideways. Element directly responsible for users safety is a trolley tasked with stopping a fall. It also plays shock-absorbing role, dampening the force of a fall by slowing the user early.

Horizontal lifeline – permanent fall protection

Systems used wherever user moves horizontally and there is danger of a fall from a height. In broad spectrum of solutions there are devices mounted on rooftops, industrial plants, bridges or specialistic overhead systems. Their construction is suited by producer – ABSORBER company – to meet client’s needs. Permanent fall protection scan be divided into point, rope or rail systems:

  • Point fall protection system consist of accordingly placed anchorage poles. It is an economic solution used when work frequency is low or it doesn’t require constant movement. Each individual pole allows up to three users at the same time.
  • Systems with rope or rail guideway provide constant safety and freedom while working at a height across the whole length of the system.


Permanent fall protection systems are perfect solution for providing safety during work at a height. Correctly placed and constructed works in almost all conditions. It is good alternative to older solutions e.g. guardrails in both economic and utility terms. While using said type of devices you must read up user manual, check technical condition and use proper personal protection equipment. Information on exploitation of fall protection systems can be found in our publications.