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What is a cost of a fall from a height?

Events related to a fall from a height and an accident at work have a significant impact both on the person who suffers the accident and on the entire work environment. The injured party who has suffered an accident not only experiences physical harm, but is also traumatized and may suffer additional financial losses. The employer, in turn, bears the costs of not only the medical treatment of the victim, but may also bear legal consequences. In addition, it should be remembered that an accident at work may generate indirect costs related to the employment of personnel, reduced productivity and even loss of reputation. An employer may be fined for unsecured workplaces. This problem is still underestimated, it is simply unacceptable. The costs of accidents at work are huge, which is why prevention and securing the workplace is a very important aspect in any business.

An accident at work resulting in an injury

Little bit of counting for a start. Statistics show that more than 25% of non-fatal injuries are caused by tripping, slipping or falling. In this category, over 10% of accidents are falls from heights, which caused the employee to be absent for more than one day at work. The average duration of absence of an employee due to a fall, trip or slip is approximately twelve days. Falls from heights generated losses of several billion dollars in direct compensation costs worldwide. Approximate calculations show that an accident at work, defined as a fall from heights, costs about $ 130. It is estimated that for around 50,000 cases nearly six billions of dollars have been paid in compensation over the past ten years. It should be emphasized that the real costs significantly exceed these financial values. Many non-fatal injuries resulted in permanent disability of workers. Many of the employees also experienced post-traumatic stress or mental disorders.

Fatal accidents at work

Fatal events at work have an even more significant negative impact on the company, employees and the work environment. In Europe, in 2016 alone, more than 700 people died as a result of falls from a height. Death, which most probably could have been prevented by using appropriate means of protection against falling from a height. The National Safety Council reports that the average cost of a fatal workplace accident can be as high as $ 1 million. These costs include insurance or compensation, but it is difficult to calculate the cost of person’s life.

Protection against a fall from a height

One of the basic solutions in this aspect of human activity is the use of fall protection equipment in the workplace and in hazardous areas where there is a risk of falling. It should be emphasized that the employer is responsible for ensuring safety in the workplace. Protection against falls from a height is also one of the areas in which the employer is obliged to ensure the highest possible level of safety. A permanent system such as rope fall protection system (horizontal lifeline) and personal protection equipment are a must when working at height. These solutions allow you to safely perform work where there is a risk of falling and protect your life.

The Absorber company will help you increase the safety of working at height.

It is worth presenting a few studies that show that companies that invest in and improve safety in the workplace are characterized by higher efficiency, which can generate higher income. Employees who care more about the performance of their work and are involved in increasing the level of safety are less exposed to and less likely to suffer from accidents at work. Labor protection pays off, do not save on safety. We mentioned earlier that the cost of falling is high and it is not worth underestimating this. If you need more information on security or need help in increasing the level of security, write to us.